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INS Module

The module comes from quadrocopter and originally was used not only to gather sensor data but also to do (and actually did) full data processing. It means compensation, filtration and INS calculations. The module was later redesigned (new gyros, accelerometer, reduced size).

The module is equipped with 3 gyrometers and one tri-axial accelerometer, all from Analog Devices and is connected to a tri-axial magnetometer from PNI. Plus there is a UART port for GPS module (and support for uBlox protocol). For more about the sensors go to sensors page.

Data is sampled and processed by a single 32bit microcontroller from Freescale (ColdFire, V2 core). It has 32bit MAC unit is running at 64MHz, contains 32 kB of static RAM and 256kB of Flash. This is really small amount but nothing more is needed. Actually its processing power was enough to take data from sensors to run several FIR filters and 12 state EKF for INS in quadrocopter. So, it is more than good enough power to gather, filter and send measured data over UART.

newIMU_smallPicture of INS module (right) and main processing module (left)

Main Processing Module

The module is a BeagleBone with a custom cap. The module captures data from INS module, runs INS and control algorithms and commands all servos and motors. The beaglebone is connected to XBee Pro RF module to send data to the “control station” and receive back commands.

Control Station

Under construction

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