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BeagleBone peripherals

Utilities to control Beaglebone peripherals in Linux    peripherals.zip

  • PWM – contains several functions to handle PWM output
  • EACP – PWM input over eCap
  • UART – basic functionality to send and receive data over UART


Math libraries

Basic matrix operations    matrix.zip

  • Template classes (suitable for single and double precision float)
  • Basic matrix operations (+ – * / , * scalar, submatrices)
  • Primarily on stack (no usage of heap – faster, no fragmentation) -> limited size (13 rows and 169 items max)
    But can be compiled for heap usage
  • Compilable in GCC, but should be compilable also in Visual Studio (not tested recently)

Note: The classes are based on C math libraries developed for the quadro-copter (that’s why they look as they look)

Basic rotation math (plus some more)

C++    rotation math+.zip

  • Template classes
  • Rotation vector, matrix, quaternion
    And conversion between them
  • Euler and Tait-Bryan
  • Basic LTI system handling class (state space representation)
  • Note: depends on basic matrix operations

GNU Octave / Matlab    rotation math matlab.zip

  • Basic quaternion operations
  • Few vector operations



Magnetometer calibration

Least squares algorithm    magnetometer calibration Least Squares.zip

  • Example of hard iron (and sensor gain) calibration for 3-axial magnetometer using least squares
  • Note: depends on basic rotation math for GNU Octave / Matlab


IMU    6 DOF IMU.zip  ,   6 DOF IMU C++.zip

  • Simple example implementation of the MEKF as 6 DOF IMU
  • GNU Octave / Matlab version and equivalent C++ version
  • Note: GNU Octave/Matlab version depends on basic rotation math for GNU Octave / Matlab
  • Note: C++ version depends on basic matrix operations and basic rotation math from above (copy them to corresponding folders in the project or modify makefile)

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