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What is Heli project? It’s a helicopter,


plus prototyped INS board equipped with powerful 32bit MCU, acclerometer, magnetometer, gyro and more and onboard computer (Beaglebone + custom expansion board)


plus other peripherals like wireless communication module (XBee) and more.

The HELI project is being developed to practice some basic control engineering skills and for pure joy of creation. The path goes from hardware design, over microcontroller programming, through signal processing, realtime systems,  to regulator design and maybe even up to simple AI.

In subsections you can find various information about hardware, software and algorithms to help you to understand and design your own stuff or to learn something new.


The project (and site) is far from completed and it will take some time to update and refine the pages, so be patient.


2 Responses to Heli

  1. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Erasmus Lopez says:

    how great! I myself am in the planning stage of a similar project. I want to integrate POV , extended RC with my HAM radio , finally I want to add video, photographic abilities in day , night vision and infrared. I realize it will be expensive and complicated but I’ve dreamth of
    building it since I was a child. Thankfully, the tech is finally available.