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Mobile set, helicopter math model and more

It has been long time since the last post, but unlike the blog, work on the project did not stop 🙂

I have ported the control and service application from notebook to a tablet (and for this purpose from Linux to Windows). Porting was easy as the application is written using Qt framework. Now the service application is truly multi-platform.

Heading controller for semi-assisted flight is more or less finished. It is based on classical state controller but with variable gain (gain depends on main rotor throttle). This is the only way how to assure enough robustness of the controller in all regimes.

The BeagleBone INS/control SW has a new option to debug it in PC using simulated sensor data. The BeagleBone SW can be built and run in PC. And via IPC (normally used to communicate with motor control thread) it receives simulated sensor data from service application (run in the same PC) and sends back data (the same as sent over wireless). This all is done in real time. With proper mathematical model of helicopter, all algorithms and complete control can be tested without exposing real helicopter to any damage caused by crash landings (for me, most popular form of landing).
So, now I am working on the mathematical model of the helicopter…

Will post more information soon, I promise.

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